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Two Enthusiasts

Once upon a time, two Parisian epicureans, eager to share their love for French gastronomy, which is so dear to them, embarked on a journey.


After traveling the world, especially Asia, founders Antoine and Marc returned home with a common goal: to create the finest jam, traversing French regions in search of exceptional fruits.

Coming from a lineage of regional artisan producers, Antoine places great emphasis on the quality of selected ingredients.

Some consider gastronomy an art form. Hence, coming from a family of artists, Marc applies his creativity to give soul to the Trésor Sucré jams.

Promoting French Luxury Internationally

Meanwhile, in Paris...

Watching the nascent rays pierce the morning veil of Paris
Brunching on the cobbled streets of Le Marais
Strolling along the Champs-Élysées
Meeting Mona Lisa amidst the bustle of the Louvre
Savoring a hot chocolate under the arcades of the Tuileries
Listening to the bells of Notre-Dame Cathedral
Reuniting with friends on the banks of the Seine
Admiring the sunset in front of the Iron Lady
Dining by candlelight near Montmartre
Sealing a padlock on the Pont des Arts before dawn...

Trésor Sucré jams are not just exceptional; they also aim to convey a lifestyle, a mindset, and our representation of Parisian life.

Made in Paris, the city of Love

                                              From the bottom of our jam                                                                                              

Antoine & Marc

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